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General graphics

englishforum.ch graphics

englishforum.ch was one of those ideas I'd had for a long time, but took a long time to get around to implementing it. Since there was no fancy portal, I only really needed a nice banner graphic running across the top of the page.


Since the forum was about communicating and Switzerland I looked around for a series of different images which evoked typical references to Switzerland, as well as images that conveyed a sense of communication and modernity. I then arranged these images so that their colours would both contrast and complement the adjacent images and blurred the edges slightly to make a soft join. It was then just a simple matter of adding the text over the top and the now customary glow effects using Photoshop.

The final banner was designed to be wide enough for the widest screen resolutions, while still remaining attractive and functional if the user had a narrower screen resolution. Please note that this banner is 1280 pixels wide so it is not practical to display it in its full length here. Please make use of the scrollbars provided to view the entire image.

englishforum.ch top banner englishforum.ch site banner (old version)

After a while I revised the banner:

englishforum.ch top banner englishforum.ch site banner (new version)

Business cards

Business cards allow forum members to pass out a card when they meet someone they think might be interested in the forum. It helps the spreading of the word about the forum. The initial design looked like this:

englishforum.ch business card front Business card front
englishforum.ch business card back Business card back

Eventually I redesigned the front of the card like this:

englishforum.ch business card front Business card front (revised)

We also discussed the original design here and the revised design here.


Much like the business cards, the purpose of the flyers was for people to print them out and pin them onto notice boards.

englishforum.ch flyer Flyer design

We also discussed the flyers here.


One night I decided to make a 150x200 banner ad for English Forum for the same person who was to run the Zurich Divers ads. Just like the Zurich Divers ads, the English Forum ad was met with a cool reception. I actually thought that this banner ad was quite nice. It uses a contrast of black and white with a single colour, and the cartoon attracts attention where we so often see photographs or large text on web-based advertisements. Please note: I did not draw this cartoon, I simply found it and added the text.

englishforum.ch banner ad 150x200 banner ad

Much later I made another banner for the new forum graphics. It was carried on a few different web sites:

englishforum.ch banner ad 200x120 banner ad
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