Frequently Asked Questions

We have tried to address the most frequently asked questions in this section. If the question you have isn't listed, please check the other pages first. If you still can't find the answer to your question, please ask us.

Wedding rings

Why did you choose the date of September 6?

The best weather in Venice is in May and September. The summer season is very hot and unpleasant. Since we became engaged in January, May was too soon. The beginning of September was therefore chosen for the best possibility of good weather, without the crowds of peak tourist season. Choosing a date to suit everyone is almost impossible, so we apologise is the date chosen is not optimal for you.

Why aren't you getting married in Switzerland?

While the majority of our guests do live in Switzerland, a good number of them are also travelling from other countries. Law in Switzerland requires you to have a civil marriage, almost always during the week, at the office of your local community. A very limited number of guests can attend the actual service (due to limited space) and, depending on the community, the happy couple can have almost no say over how the ceremony is performed. Friends and well-wishers then gather outside the community office and congratulate the couple after they emerge - already married. Typically everyone then goes and has a second ceremony, sometimes weeks later (since weekdays aren't always convenient for everyone) where they then "pretend" to get married in front of all their friends, for example in a church. It's really a pretend marriage since they were already married, though not in front of their friends.

Lynn and LillyLynn & Lilly

Will Lilly be there?

Lilly, our Yorkshire Terrier, will be attending the ceremony. The festivities of the evening may be too much for her, in which case she may stay in our hotel room for the evening. Her fans can be assured that she will be in high spirits and appropriately dressed for the occasion.

Are you having a civil ceremony first?

While such an arrangement is totally normal to Swiss and they see nothing wrong with it at all, we feel differently. We believe that marriage is a commitment which should not just be witnessed by a few people who can fit into the room of a community office, but that it should be witnessed by all of the friends and family who are invited. We don't wish to "pretend" to be married in front of you all, so we have chosen to perform the ceremony in a way that we choose, at a time and location of our choosing.

So for those who are used to the Swiss system and may talk of a civil ceremony followed another ceremony - we will just be having one ceremony. That's the one where we will be legally married and all of you will be there with us.